🎄🎄Bathroom Trash Cans with Automatic Lid
🎄🎄Bathroom Trash Cans with Automatic Lid
🎄🎄Bathroom Trash Cans with Automatic Lid
🎄🎄Bathroom Trash Cans with Automatic Lid
🎄🎄Bathroom Trash Cans with Automatic Lid
🎄🎄Bathroom Trash Cans with Automatic Lid
🎄🎄Bathroom Trash Cans with Automatic Lid

🎄🎄Bathroom Trash Cans with Automatic Lid

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Add smart chips to achieve long battery life and quick response

Motion control (hand or knee), touch-free, and more hygienic

One pull-packing garbage bag, convenient and quick

  • Important Note: Please read the instruction manual carefully and install 2 AA batteries before using this bathroom automatic trash can. During use, if you have any questions, please contact us immediately.
  • Easy to lift, fast to pack: When you need to change the trash bag, you only need to open the trash can lid and lift the trash bag rope to pack the trash away directly without touching the edge of the trash bag. the thoughtful design of this bathroom wastebasket allows people to stay away from the worries of packing rubbish.
  • Many ways to open the lid: Brand-new smart design no-touch bathroom trash can, infrared sensor, fast opening in 0.3 seconds, wave-sensing touch-free trash can, one-key normally open lid for easy use. Knee bending induction avoids bending, saving time and effort. When you need to open it, just gently place your knees on the 8-inch sensing area above the trash can, and you can easily open the lid.
  • Narrow barrel to save space: The slim bathroom trash bin with a capacity of 4 gallons can save space and is especially suitable for limited spaces or narrow gaps. It is the perfect companion for bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, children's rooms, toilets, campers, RVs and other small spaces.
  • Waterproof Bathroom Trash Can: In order to facilitate the use of the bathroom,  smart trash can adopts an advanced design to ensure that the trash can could be used normally in the bathroom. The body of the trash can is waterproof.
Name Bathroom Trash Cans with Automatic Lid
Color White
Material ABS + PP Plastic
Capacity 4 Gallons
Shape Rectangle
Cover opening mode Intelligent induction cover opening
Waterproof Level IPX5
Product Dimensions 30*17*34.2cm/11.8*6.7*13.5inch
Product Weight 3.13 lb
Package Included 1* smart trash can (without battery)