🎄🎄Horizontal laser angle rangefinder goniometer
🎄🎄Horizontal laser angle rangefinder goniometer
🎄🎄Horizontal laser angle rangefinder goniometer
🎄🎄Horizontal laser angle rangefinder goniometer
🎄🎄Horizontal laser angle rangefinder goniometer
🎄🎄Horizontal laser angle rangefinder goniometer
🎄🎄Horizontal laser angle rangefinder goniometer
🎄🎄Horizontal laser angle rangefinder goniometer
🎄🎄Horizontal laser angle rangefinder goniometer

🎄🎄Horizontal laser angle rangefinder goniometer

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Dear friends, welcome to the DELI tool shop. This is a precise and compact angle measuring instrument, a laser level. It uses LED color screen dual side display and an all aluminum body. It is durable and easy to use, and can help you smooth the construction leveling and angle measurement work! Please pay more attention!!








1. Double laser line casting
2. Double sided HD color screen
3. Accurate angle measurement
4. Type-C fast charging lithium battery




You may encounter the following problems in your life!
It's hard to find the level of hanging pictures?
Poor wallpaper?
Is it inefficient to specialize?
Too much effort for traditional stay wire?
LI laser projection angle instrument, all for you to solve, so that you can save time and effort in your work and life!






360 ° universal measurement Line casting at any angle


In a complex engineering environment, it is easy to achieve 360 ° arbitrary angle line projection, one key double axis simultaneous measurement, and use with a retractable aluminum tripod to meet a variety of construction needs. It is suitable for stairs, ceilings, corners and other space operations. One machine can be used for multiple purposes, saving time and effort.



Bright and thin LD red light, clear and visible for long distance construction, without ghosting. The fuselage is made of a whole piece of aluminum. After 19 processes such as CNC cutting, polishing and polishing, the surface is anodized+fine sand blasting, which has long been excellent in metal texture and presents neat and refined lines.

 Ultra wide double-sided LED screen, clear display in various occasions. The whole machine is as light as 70G

It is one fifth of the weight of an ordinary level and can be easily controlled by one hand.
The body is as thin as 20mm, with 2 comfortable and simple buttons.
Easy construction

 IP54 engineering protection, strong performance, no fear of wet and dusty environment.

The reinforced anti falling metal shell is used, which is not easy to be damaged.

 Built in lithium battery with high capacity for high efficiency.

With Type-c charging interface, the power can be renewed at any time no matter where you are.

 Double cross laser projection, with universal support, real-time projection at any angle. Home and work are carried out smoothly. ± 0.5 degree ultra-low error, which should be handled freely in professional occasions.

 Adjustable support

Easy fixing
increase of efficiency

Does laser cause harm to human body?

 The laser source used by LI is Class II laser, with the power consumption less than 1MW, and daily use will not cause any harm to human body. In case of accidental laser irradiation, eyelid reflection will usually provide sufficient protection. Do not maliciously irradiate the laser on others. What is the laser projection angle instrument used for? provides accurate horizontal and vertical foundations and plumb benchmarks for indoor construction setting out and calibration, and plays the role of auxiliary and positioning marking. It is mainly used for the flatness and straightness of the ground, the horizontal and vertical positions of equipment installation, etc. When installing hanging pictures, cabinets and furniture, with the help of LI, you can ensure the horizontal and vertical straightness and consistency of height. You can also check the slope of the toilet and kitchen floor drain locations to prevent water accumulation in the later period.

 What environment is the laser projection angle instrument suitable for?

 The laser line projection level can meet various measurement requirements for daily home and home decoration construction, and can also be used for outdoor auxiliary operations. It is small, portable, easy to operate, and supports 360 ° arbitrary angle line projection. The laser line projection is thin and bright, intelligent and accurate pancake, which is an invaluable practical measurement tool.

 Which scenarios are specifically applied to?

 1. Auxiliary installation of paintings, artworks and photos on the wall.

2. Door and window frame installation.
3. Stick wallpaper and wall tiles.
4. Install wires and pipes.
5. Install wall cable, power socket, switch and lighting lamp.
6. Install the suspended ceiling and ceiling.
7. Painting creation.
8. Install furniture counters.
9. Assist in laying floor tiles.
10. Check the gradient of the floor drain in the kitchen and toilet.

 What is the furthest range of the laser?

Under general indoor conditions, the projection range can reach about 10m; In the outdoor strong light and dusty environment, the reflection of the projection surface is weak, and the projection range will be correspondingly smaller.

 How should the product be used correctly?

During horizontal measurement, the instrument shall be placed stably to avoid shaking on the feel as much as possible. Press the key to measure after it is stable, and the data can be read only after it is stable. When using this instrument, it is recommended to use it together with the LI special bracket, so that the application scenario is wider and the measurement is more accurate and convenient.

 How to use the fixed support together?

 The size of the bracket fixing port is 6.35mm, which is compatible with most brackets, such as ordinary camera tripod PTZ. The can be installed on the support and used to realize 360 ° fixed measurement at any angle. It is often used for complex engineering environment measurement such as stair oblique line project, ceiling, narrow space corner, etc.

 Dear customers, thank you for your support! Any problem can be solved in time!! If you are still satisfied, please give us a favorable comment, we will be extremely grateful. Wish you a happy life!