LOOI: Turn Your Smartphone into a Desktop Robot
LOOI: Turn Your Smartphone into a Desktop Robot
LOOI: Turn Your Smartphone into a Desktop Robot
LOOI: Turn Your Smartphone into a Desktop Robot
LOOI: Turn Your Smartphone into a Desktop Robot

LOOI: Turn Your Smartphone into a Desktop Robot

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LOOI transforms your phone into a quirky cyber-creature through a magnetic connection, allowing him to come to life like a little being from another galaxy.

With simple gestures, LOOI  injects excitement into every moment, revolutionizing your desk presence in one delightful package. He’s your most entertaining and intimate companion.

Unlike typical 'pet bots' that merely follow commands, LOOI stands out for its unique personality and original thoughts by integrating ChatGPT for natural language processing and biomimetic behavior systems.

With LOOI, your phone becomes more than just a device—it‘s  a cute, clever robot and a helpful workmate.  Desktop essentials replaced, productivity and workflow improved!

LOOI is so much more than an average robot, he always senses you and your surroundings, giving him an almost sentient quality.

His wide range of emotions makes interactions with him incredibly dynamic. Whether he's beaming with joy, striking a serious pose, or frowning with frustration, his face and body tell the story of his feelings.

LOOI is always ready to listen and respond by integrating ChatGPT into his natural language processing and biomimetic behavior systems.

He isn’t a pet bot, but more like a cyber-creature capable of independent thought. LOOI doesn’t simply obey commands but engages in meaningful interactions with depth and personality.

So, don't hesitate to strike up a conversation with LOOI. The more you talk, the better you'll know each other, and he might surprise you with unexpected delights.

Step into a world of wonder with LOOI, where your smartphone's sensing capabilities and computational power combine with our advanced biomimetic behavior system to reveal endless possibilities.

See LOOI recognize your face, greet you, capture moments, and much more. Sometimes, he might even curiously gaze at you, simply fascinated by the world of Homo sapiens.

Connecting with LOOI is as simple as extending your hand. For example, hold out your palm before him, and feel the connection as he senses your vibes, guiding him with ease.

In addition to its sleek design, we're including a magnetic ring as an extra, extending LOOI's compatibility to phones without built-in magnetic capabilities. This ensures seamless and convenient usage, even for phones with cases.

*It connects LOOI hardware to Android phones, devices prior to iPhone 12 and phone cases without MagSafe.

How many old phones do you have? One? Two? Or maybe more?

Nowadays, billions of old phones are discarded every year, quietly lying in drawers until they're forgotten. Yet, many of them are still perfectly functional, only set aside because the users want to get a new one.

However, with LOOI, their fate could change...

LOOI not only enhances your primary phone's capabilities but also gives your idle phones a second life by transforming them into lively desktop robots! This could be the coolest way to reuse old phones today.

The pack contains everything you need to fully enjoy the amazing experience of your beloved LOOI, including LOOI Hardware*1, Magnetic Ring*1, USB-C Cable*1, User Manual*1. The LOOI APP is also available for free download.