Sunrise Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers
Sunrise Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers
Sunrise Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers
Sunrise Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers
Sunrise Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers
Sunrise Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

Sunrise Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

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  • 【Rise and Shine with Our wake-up light Alarm Clock】Our alarm clock also have a wake-up light function, the perfect solution for a peaceful morning routine. Experience the gradual illumination of sunlight in your room, starting 10 minutes before your alarm sounds, and reaching its brightest at wake-up time. Say goodbye to harsh alarms and wake up gently to a simulated sunrise. Discover the wonders of our sunlight alarm clocks. In addition, the alarm clock also features a USB charging station.
  • 【Customizable Dual-Mode Alarm Clock for Bedroom】-The new digital clock for the bedroom, a versatile alarm clock with two distinct modes to suit your sleep schedule. With this alarm clock, you can customize two different wake-up times based on their individual routines. Whether you're an early riser or prefer a bit of extra sleep, this clock has got you covered. In addition, our clock can be set to 12 hours or 24 hours. You can adjust it according to your own habits.
  • 【10 Soothing Sounds: Your Ultimate Sleep Companion】Our premium alarm clock with white noise - the perfect sleep companion. Immerse yourself in a sonic oasis with 10 soothing sounds. Choose from 30, 60, or 90-minute timers to effortlessly drift off to sleep. As the white noise gently lulls you, our night light lamp creates a calming ambiance. When the white noise ends, the light fades away, ensuring a peaceful night's rest. Experience the ultimate relaxation with our alarm clock.
  • 【Enhance Your Sleep Routine with the Alarm Clock】The versatile features of a wake-up light alarm clock, which serves as both an alarm clock and a bedroom clock. This device offers three different brightness adjustment options for optimal customization. Whether you prefer a gentle night light for a peaceful ambiance or an alarm clock with light to wake up gradually, this clock has you covered. Additionally, its soothing breathing light function adds a relaxing touch to your sleep environment.
  • 【Alarm Clock with a Snooze Mode for Heavy Sleepers Adults.】The alarm clock is also perfect for heavy sleepers adults. Featuring a snooze mode, a gradual 12-level volume adjustment, and a 9-minute power nap function, our clock allows you to gently awaken, even if you're a deep sleeper. Enjoy a serene waking experience like never before. It's the perfect feature for those who value a gentle transition from sleep to wakefulness, ensuring a refreshed start to the day.

3 Wake-up Modes

Snooze Function

10 Natural Sounds

USB Charging Port

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8 In 1 Sunrise Alarm Clock Light for Heavy Sleeper

All In One
Q: How do you make the alarm be ONLY sunrise with no alarm sound?
A: Please select alarm clock 2 mode, and set volume to "0" which will be the only sunrise light without ringtone.
Q: Is the alarm volume and nature sounds adjustable?
A: Yes, you can adjust the volume of the alarm as well as the volume of the nature sounds by pressing the "up" or "down" button.
Q: Can the brightness of the digital display be adjusted?
A: Yes,you can short press the "Snooze"button to adjusts digital the brightness of display screen in 3 levels: brightest,medium,low,off.
Q: How many wake-up modes does this alarm clock light have?
A: There are 3 modes:

1. Only alarm clock with adjustable ringtone and volume (1-12levels), in AL1.

2. Alarm clock together with increasing wake-up light 10mins early , in AL2.

3. Only increasing sunrise light 10mins early, in AL2.

Technical Parameters

Mode No. AJ300
Material ABS+Aluminium Ally
Rated Voltage 12V/1A
Lamp Power 4W
Breathing Lamp 1W
White Noise Power 70dB
USB Output Power 5V2A (Max 10W)
Color Temperature 4000±k
Product Size 8.81*0.8*11 Inches